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Bon Jovi - Full Webcast (Lisbon 2011)

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Video Description & Information

The entire webcast from the band's final show the their Greatest Hits tour in Lisbon 2011. Unforunately Get Ready, Hard Letting You Go, When We Were Beautiful and 3 cover songs were edited out. The broadcast setlist was: Intro Raise Your Hands You Give Love A Bad Name Born To Be My Baby We Weren't Born To Follow Lost Highway It's My Life In These Arms We Got It Going On Captain Crash & The Beauty Queen From Mars Bad Medicine / Shout (teaser) I'll Be There For You Who Says You Can't Go Home I'll Sleep When I'm Dead Any Other Day Have A Nice Day Keep The Faith Encore: These Days Wanted Dead Or Alive I Believe This Ain't A Love Song Livin' On A Prayer Always I Love This Town

Channel: Music
Author: hAnD90

Length: 23:15
Rating: 4.8735833
Views: 2014664


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Video Comments

after 30 years show me what youve got and I tell you that BonJovi is still decent. 
Nungruthai pochree
..Raise Your Hands 0:1:35 / Bad Name 0:6:10 / Born To Be 0:10:25 / Born To Follow 0:15:35 / Lost Highway 0:19:30 / Its My Life 0:24:28 / In These Arms 0:28:16 / We Got It 0:34:32 / Captain Crash 0:39:22 / Bad Medicine 0:44:36 / I'll Be There 0:53:12 / Who Says 1:2:20 / I'll Sleep 1:8:53 / Any Other Day 1:15:20 / HAND 1:21:19 / Keep The Faith 1:25:26 / These Days 1:32:48 / Wanted 1:39:11 / I Believe 1:45:57 / This Aint A Love Song 1:52:12 / Prayer 1:57:54 / Always 2:06:33 / I Love This Town 2:14:26
Luis Duarte
he cant sing anymore , should retire
Lud Marx
#music #Concert
Nadine de smul
Love that red jacket ..Still the best band ever !
Gayathri Siva
jay ryder
Lud Marx
#Bon #Jovi - #Full Webcast (Lisbon 2011)
Carlinhos Winter
Bon Jovi ♥
super man of sigs bommmmm

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