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Bon Jovi - Full Webcast (Lisbon 2011)

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Video Description & Information

The entire webcast from the band's final show the their Greatest Hits tour in Lisbon 2011. Unforunately Get Ready, Hard Letting You Go, When We Were Beautiful and 3 cover songs were edited out. The broadcast setlist was: Intro Raise Your Hands You Give Love A Bad Name Born To Be My Baby We Weren't Born To Follow Lost Highway It's My Life In These Arms We Got It Going On Captain Crash & The Beauty Queen From Mars Bad Medicine / Shout (teaser) I'll Be There For You Who Says You Can't Go Home I'll Sleep When I'm Dead Any Other Day Have A Nice Day Keep The Faith Encore: These Days Wanted Dead Or Alive I Believe This Ain't A Love Song Livin' On A Prayer Always I Love This Town

Channel: Music
Author: hAnD90

Length: 23:15
Rating: 4.8644814
Views: 2104435


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Video Comments

Kanokporn Puangmalee
Like Bon Jovi concert !
Bret Gyrich
They should never again segway from "Born to be my Baby" to "We Weren't Born to Follow.".... it made it too obvious that its basically the same song. Just listen to the chorus. Sing the chorus to "Born to be my Baby" while listening to "We Weren't Born to Follow."
Štefan Gyurcsi
In These Days still perfect tune !!! - not so powerful voice but so clear !
Ana Silvana
Muito bom 
2 Mio views.. WOW!! 
Kanokporn Puangmalee
Like Bon Jovi concert !
This tour was sunset of Bon Jovi... Richie, you are so stupid. Now Slash is my favorite guitarist!
Mauricio Camargo
muito bom .....
Tamy angel
Oq falar sobre bon jovin ND ne
vytorya regya

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